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North Nazimabad, Karachi, Pakistan.

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Our Services Include:

Income Tax Planning


Prepartion ravelant documents

  • Income Tax Return filing with wealth statement
  • Compliences of tax matter
  • Taxation Accounting
  • Assessment and adjudication services
  • Appeals and petitions
  • in house controling system
Services scope for:
Individual | AOP | Company
  • Importer, Exporter, wholesaler, distributor, retailer
  • Manufacturers,
  • Service Provider
  • Salary
General Information :
Type of Taxpayer:
  • Individual
  • Association of Persons (Defined in Sec 80) 2(6)
  • Company (Defined in Sec 80) 2(12)
Who is required to file return of income u/s 114 ?
  • Every compnay
  • Other than company having taxable income exceeding RS 400,000/-
  • Non Profit Organization, Welfare Institution
  • Person Charge to tax in last two yeats
  • Person claiming loss to be carried forward
  • Own immovable property of 500 sqyd or more or a flat falling within the municpal limits
  • Own immovable property of 500 sqyd or more or 2500 sft flat in rating area
  • Own motor vehicle of more than 1000cc
  • Obtained NTN
  • Holder of Commercial or Industrial undertaking where annua bill exceeds Rs 500,000/-
  • Resident Person registered with any CoC, trade or busines association, market committee or any professional body
  • Indivusual having business income exceeding RS 300,000/-
  • Every salaried indivusual having income exceeding Rs 400,000/-
  • Every resident person being an indivusual required to file foreign income and assets statement u/s 116A
Withholding Tax & Segment s for Taxpayer:
  • Normal Tax Regime:
  • Adjustable against final tax liability of taxpayer

  • Minimum Tax Regime:
  • If actual tax is less than the tax deducted at source, the
    difference is not refundable and if actual is more than the tax deducted then differential shall be paid.

  • Presumptive Tax Regime:
  • Considered as full & final discharge of tax liability of taxpayer.

WHAT IS INCOME – Section 2(29):
  • Amount chargeable to tax
  • Amount subject to collection or deduction of tax
  • Any amount treated as income under any provision of this Ordinance
  • Any loss of income (e.g. Insurance claim)
  • Salary (Sections 12-14)
  • Income from Property (Sections 15, 15A, 16)
  • Income from Business (Sections 18-36)
  • Capital Gains (Sections 37-38)
  • Income from Other Sources (Sections 39-40)


Awso Solutions Business Expert is a business ready solution which specializes in broad range of industries.

Textile Chemicals
PVC Pipe & Irion Pipe
Printing Press
Mobile Oil
Auto Parts Manufacturer
Auto Parts Shop
Chartered Accountants
Powder Coating Services
Textile Industries Garments & Hosiery
General Store
Food Industries



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